Our Mission and Vision


NACE envisions a Sierra Leone society where there is maximum returns from natural resources for balanced development of the country while recognising and dealing with the preservation of the livelihoods of communities and the negative social and environmental consequences thereof.

Strategic goal and objectives:

The broad goal of the NACE is to ensure transparency and accountability in the generation and efficient/effective use of revenue from the extractive industry (mining, forestry, marine) in Sierra Leone.
Scope of NACE engagement:NACE operates both spatially and thematically in Sierra Leone. The Coalition spatially operates in all the regions of the country were there is or shall be extractive activities. The Coalition looks at every aspect of extraction, which include;
  • • Solid minerals extraction
  • • Oil and gas extraction
  • • Sand and rock extraction
  • • Marine extraction
  • • Forests and biodiversity extraction

The specific objectives of NACE are to:

  • 1. Advocate for the Government of Sierra Leone to sign onto the extractive industry transparency initiative (EITI)
  • 2. Work to expand the EITI to include marine, forestry and other natural resource extraction apart from mining
  • 3. Empower CSOs and build a critical mass of activists to engage government and companies on extractives with the view to influencing their corporate responsibilities in the interest of affected communities
  • 4. Empower affected communities to define, articulate and defend their interests
  • 5. Work with the government of Sierra Leone to secure the best interest of Sierra Leone in the extractives industry
  • 6. Network and form coalitions and alliances with CSOs in the West Africa and Africa, as a whole, on securing the best interests of their citizens in the extractives industry.

Cecelia Mattia

National Coordinator