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Cecilia Mattia has worked in the international development sector for over 15 years. After her Teachers Certificate,(1984) being trained as a teacher, she taught for over 8 years as assistant teacher while also going through the five phases of the Development Education Leadership for Training (DELTA) and graduated with a Certificate. She moved from teaching to Community Animation in a Non-Governmental Organisation named Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD in the late 80’s). She then moved to the Pan African Institute for Development(PAID-WA) in Cameroun to study Project Planning Management, Monitoring and Evaluation in 1997 and graduated with a Certificate. This was the period of war in Sierra Leone and so she came back to the West Coast of Conakry, Guinea to work with Sierra Leonean and Liberian refugees in the various camps in Guinea.


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New Direction and New Destination

This report on Sierra Leone's Mineral Sector with a focus on the new direction, towards a new destination.


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Tax Justice Country Report Series

This report is part of an initiative to create a comprehensive, and globally representative series of country reports that touch on diverse tax justice issues. The production of this report is the collective effort of all of the organisations involved.”